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Seller’s Guide

Deciding to sell your home marks the beginning of your life’s exciting next chapter. As you begin to prepare, there are some important steps to consider as you get your home ready and in perfect condition. Allow me to be a resource for you from painters to contractors. My professional advice will guide you through the process as I suggest what you should do for your home in particular. Here are some items to help get you started as you prepare.

  • Staging – Create the perfect flow and arrange your furniture so that it shows off its best potential. This may not be exactly how you live in it day-to-day, but will make for a great impression on buyers.
  • Cleanliness – A thorough cleaning and organization of your closets is crucial for photos but also for any and all prospective buyers. Maintaining this condition throughout the marketing process is key as private showings can be scheduled at any time.
  • Maintenance – In addition to cleanliness, make sure you freshen up any paint that is looking weathered or remedy any outstanding repairs that may be off putting to buyers.
  • The Exterior – Make a great first impression. The exterior is the first thing and the last thing all who visit your home will see. Freshly painted front doors, clean foyers and well-landscaped yards are the kinds of things that everyone will be seeing.
  • Pricing –  A lot of factors go into pricing a home. Active market comparables, sold comparables and of course location and condition all play a part in determining price. I will assist you with data on homes on the market as well as my professional opinion on your particular home’s desirable attributes so that you can arrive at the most appropriate price to go to the market with. Selecting the right price initially is important as the majority of the traffic is seen within the first couple of weeks. It is best to capitalize on presenting the best price to this large and captive audience.

Not sure where to start? Let my expertise and resources be of assistance to you. I can connect you with other professionals that you may need in this process and help you get best prepared for a smooth and successful transaction.

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